Data Tech Table Upgrades

P&V Adds Value by Providing Upgrades That Will Extend the Life of Your CAD Table Investment!

PVFront Frontend Software for Windows 10

In 2020 Padrick & Vernon introduced a new Frontend Software package called PVFront for Data Technology DT Series tables. PVFront was designed on the Microsoft .net platform to run on Windows 10. It solves all the communicatons and Network Security problems caused by the current Frontend software.

M3000 Industrial Knife

The M3000 is a fast and acurate short run production CAD table. In order to make it even more effective we have redesigned the M3000 Reciprocating Knives with a stronger motor and ecentric mechanism so that they will last longer. In addition because of the Industrial Knife’s increased power some of our customers are finding they can run their current jobs at a higher speed providing an improvement in productivity.

Controller Rebuild

The weakest point in any CAD table is the Controller computer. It quietly sits under the table waiting for the worst possible time to fail. We can rebuild any DT Series or higher controller either on an emergency basis or we can schedule a rebuild to coincide with a plant shut down or the operator being on vacation. If your Data Tech table is over 10 years old you should consider a planned rebuild.

“Padrick & Vernon has helped us learn to cut several new materials, they are very generous with their time and we have never paid anything for phone support”.

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