PV3000 Corrugated – 3″ PE Foam

The PV3000 has a cutting area of 75″ x 126″, Dry Haul Speed of .86G, has print registration mark and bar code recongnition built in, has an optional 5″ creasing wheel, can cut a variety of materials including Corrugated up to Triplewall, PE Foam up to 3″, E-flute, Corrugated Plastic, Gator Board, SBS, Chipboard, and Foamboard. The table will also cut several other materials with optional knives. Please contact us for a complete list.

New!! PV3000 Corrugated Table w/ 75″ x 126″ cutting area.


Print Registration and Bar Code Recongnition built in.

Short Run Prodution

Built in vacuum system provides tremendous hold down with lower power usage.

Camera Recognition

Let’s Work Together

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